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5:30, NTSC color video, stereo audio
Video and Computer Animation by Vibeke Sorensen
Performance by Ed Harkins and Phil Larson
Thanks to Harry Lee Ammons, Jim Rohrig, Lisa Schoenberg, and Miha Vipotnic
Produced at CalArts, UC San Diego/SDSC, and USC

Panini Stickers is a music-video of the performance art duo, THE (Professors Phil Larson and Ed Harkins of the Department of Music at the University of California at San Diego), who employ complex gestures and rhythms in works which merge surrealism, dadaist-like poetry and music. Inspired by their work, the video incorporates live action video of their performance, public domain film material, and digital video processes. An excerpt was shown at the ACM SIGGRAPH '95 Electronic Theatre in Los Angeles.