Expanded Cinema is an international research project under the direction of Professor Vibeke Sorensen of ASU and Professor Heitor Capuzzo of the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

This program prioritzes humanism and ecology in the development of new forms of digital cinema. It combines live-action and animation with digital technology (incl. wireless, embedded systems, tangible media) in ways that increase our perception and reflection of nature and the universe.

Because digital cinema is a powerful combination of technological eyes and ears with the brain, it has a special possibility to explore new ways to look at and understand the world. It offers us a kind of key to entering into new ways of seeing, knowing, and communicating, providing an additional level of understanding of human experience and language. Working with biologists, biochemists, and film/media makers from around the world, this program prioritizes disappearing species and cultures, and works with multiculturalism (including folk and fine art traditions), so that cinema can be expanded as an international language for art as well as science. One of the current projects is the "Amazon Boat," a floating digital cinema and art-science research laboratory being developed in Brazil. Please contact vibeke@asu.edu or heitor@ufmg.br for more information.

From Sanctuary, 2005 by Vibeke Sorensen


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